Tanya McGrath BSc (Hons) MCSP APCP HCPC

bristol Paediatric Physio

Tanya is a Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist with extensive experience in working with children and young adults with physical needs and long term conditions. During an 18 year career in the NHS Tanya has delivered specialist care in a number of settings, including NICU, clinics, schools, special schools and clients homes. Tanya has worked in Bristol, London and South Gloucestershire, recently holding a Team Lead role in a community children’s physiotherapy service with a clinical speciality role in neurodevelopmental physiotherapy.

Tanya graduated from Plymouth University with a first class honours degree and continues to build an extensive academic profile within Physiotherapy. She has achieved masters level qualifications in paediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation. In addition to her clinical role with Bristol Neurophysio, Tanya is a Senior Lecturer at UWE delivering content for the paediatric, neurorehabilitation and long term conditions modules for student physiotherapists.

Tanya thoroughly values and enjoys the benefit of applying her academic study to her clinical caseload in order to deliver a high standard of evidence based, patient centred care, with a passion to improve well being for the children and families she works with.

When not at work Tanya is kept busy with her three young children and in her free time she enjoys running, completing the 2019 London Marathon, raising much needed funds for a children’s charity. Outside of this Tanya enjoys nothing more than spending quality time at the beach with her young family.

Some kind words

Our daughter’s renal failure means that she is delayed with standing and walking at 2 and half years of age. We first started seeing Jules a few months back for an intense block of physiotherapy to build the strength and skills needed for her to eventually stand and walk.  It was really important that the physiotherapist specialised in paediatrics and could work alongside the NHS physiotherapists we also see. Jules immediately put us at ease with her friendly and professional approach and has built a good, trusting relationship with our daughter.  She uses play as a way to get our daughter to engage with the therapy.  Our daughter has really enjoyed all her physio sessions to date and we have seen a notable improvement in her movement.  She has begun to pull herself up and can climb up small steps as well as shuffle down stairs in a controlled manner!

Ms S, Bristol