Upsee Assessment

Our specialist paediatric physiotherapists at Bristol Neurophysio now have an Upsee assessment kit that we can use with our younger clients.

The Upsee by Firefly is an upright mobility device designed to give children with developmental delays the chance to experience standing and movement with the help of an adult.

As well as providing a useful adjunct to a child's therapy programme, the Upsee can be an incredible way of allowing a child to explore how it feels to be able to stand and move as well as being able to participate more fully in play and social activities with their friends and family.

If you are interested in trialling the Upsee then please do get in touch


Some kind words

I have been using Bristol neurophysio for 7 years now since suffering a spinal injury resulting in tetraplegia & spending 4 years in hospital & then a care home before I was able to return home.  During my time back with Kirsty & her team's help I have been able to keep up a solid regime helping keep my tone down & strength up.  With their help I’ve been able to pursue an active lifestyle.

Mr G W, North Somerset