Neurological physiotherapy

Bristol neurophysio’s neurophysiotherapists specialise in the assessment and treatment of individuals who have neurological conditions - a problem associated with the central nervous system, namely the brain and spinal cord.

Due to the complexities of the central nervous system, people with neurological problems can have a variety of problems, including muscle stiffness or spasm (commonly called spasticity), weakness of muscle, tremor and problems with sensation.

These symptoms can affect everyday activities such as walking, getting dressed and eating.

Our specialist neurophysiotherapists are trained in the analysis of ‘normal movement’. This involves knowing how the body moves in ‘normal situations’ and how the biomechanics of the body work to allow efficient movement.

At Bristol Neurophysio, we have many years of experience in working with people with neurological problems, both in hospitals, in clinics and in the community.  Many of our therapists are trained in the ‘Bobath’ concept as well as the ‘Movement Science’ approach to neurological rehabilitation and we use a wide range of different techniques and treatment approaches to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We use an holistic, client-centred and goal-focused approach to working with individuals and their families following neurological illness and injury. This often includes "hands-on" therapy as well as creating bespoke exercise programmes for our clients and advising clients and their carers on other issues e.g. transfer techniques, posture, equipment and ways of minimising secondary complications.

We are aware of the importance of keeping up to date with current, evidence-based practice and will continually update our knowledge by attending courses and reviewing current practice.

Some kind words

I have been using Bristol neurophysio for 7 years now since suffering a spinal injury resulting in tetraplegia & spending 4 years in hospital & then a care home before I was able to return home.  During my time back with Kirsty & her team's help I have been able to keep up a solid regime helping keep my tone down & strength up.  With their help I’ve been able to pursue an active lifestyle.

Mr G W, North Somerset