Miriam Stewart BSc (Hons) MCSP HCPC

Miriam Stewart

Miriam qualified as a physiotherapist from the University of the West of England in 2007.  She has been working as a Learning Difficulties Specialist for the past few years, alongside her role as a neurophysiotherapist after finding a real passion for working with this client group. 

Before specialising Miriam gained a lot of experience within her NHS role in other areas of physiotherapy including Musculoskeletal outpatients, Orthopaedics, Elderly Care, Neurology, Rapid Response, Rehabilitation (in both hospital settings and the community) and A&E; This has given Miriam some fantastic skills which she utilises with her client group in order to aid holistic assessment and treatments.

Miriam understands the importance of hospital prevention, where possible.  However, she also understands the importance of good communication with the hospital when someone with a Neurological Condition or Learning Difficulty, in order to minimise the impact on them and ensure a smooth a transition as possible, both on admission into the hospital setting and back home again.

She has a vast knowledge of Bristol and the surrounding areas and is knowledgeable about the services available to this client group including excellent links with other professionals within the field of Learning Difficulties services. 

Miriam is extremely passionate about her role and holds the strong belief that a person with Learning Difficulties must have access to other services and input. Miriam will work hard to achieve equal access to services and ensure they get the best possible outcome from their Physiotherapy input, sometimes having to think outside the box. Miriam feels it is highly important to also be an advocate for her clients and will often support them to appointments for example outside of Physiotherapy when needed and relevant to their therapy. Miriam will tailor programs to suit the individual, whether it be making it fun to engage the client or needing to make it calm due to sensory needs or behaviour challenges.

Miriam has a lot of experience in 24 hour postural management, Specialist seating and Hydrotherapy and is used to working within the community, care home and school settings. Miriam can take people out of their homes and support them to access public services such as their local swimming pool or gym.

Miriam has experience working with teenagers and adults with both Mild LD to profound complex needs and with a variety of Neurological, Orthopaedic, Respiratory and Musculoskeletal conditions.

In her leisure time Miriam enjoys spending time with her two children and socialising with friends and family. She has a passion for travel, with the most recent trip taking her and her family around Europe for a month. Miriam also enjoys country walks, mountain walking, running including charity runs and continues to travel whenever there is the opportunity.


Some kind words

Our daughter’s renal failure means that she is delayed with standing and walking at 2 and half years of age. We first started seeing Jules a few months back for an intense block of physiotherapy to build the strength and skills needed for her to eventually stand and walk.  It was really important that the physiotherapist specialised in paediatrics and could work alongside the NHS physiotherapists we also see. Jules immediately put us at ease with her friendly and professional approach and has built a good, trusting relationship with our daughter.  She uses play as a way to get our daughter to engage with the therapy.  Our daughter has really enjoyed all her physio sessions to date and we have seen a notable improvement in her movement.  She has begun to pull herself up and can climb up small steps as well as shuffle down stairs in a controlled manner!

Ms S, Bristol