Postural management

Individuals with neurological conditions often have problems with posture due to issues with muscle weakness, spasticity, muscle shortening and altered sensation.

The aim of postural management is to maximise an individual’s function whilst minimising secondary problems e.g. contractures, pain, tissue damage, chest infections.

The therapists at Bristol neurophysio can work with you to carry out detailed assessments of your postural needs and help you to make necessary changes in order for you to achieve your potential and reduce the risk of secondary complications.

As part of this we will liaise with other services as appropriate e.g. Wheelchair Services.

Some kind words

I would just like to let everyone know how happy I am since starting treatment at Bristol Neurophysio.  I have noticed a great beneficial change to my condition, ataxia.  It's been such a relief for me to find someone who understands my condition and is able to set up a programme suitable for my abilities.  Kirsty is always upbeat and cheerful and is always a great help.  I come away from my sessions feeling so much better and able to get on with my life!

Mrs P D, Chippenham