Specialist spasticity management

At Bristol neurophysio, we have extensive experience in the management and treatment of spasticity. This may include advice on stretches, and positioning to help alleviate the spasms.

If medical treatment is required Bristol neurophysio is able to call upon the services of a Rehabilitation Consultant specialising in spasticity management.  He is able to advise on drug management specific to spasticity and is also able to administer treatments such as Botulinum Toxin.

Botulinum Toxin (also known as Botox or Dysport) is being used more commonly in the treatment of spasticity. Our expertise in this area allows us to advise on whether botox would be a suitable treatment option.

Some kind words

I had a Stroke 18 months ago and only contacted Bristol Neurophysio six weeks ago. I had a prompt response and appointment made for the following week, unfortunately I had to cancel this due to illness. Kirsty was extremely understanding and rescheduled immediately. I have had three sessions since and am extremely pleased with my progress towards my wish to walk, for the first time I feel this will happen. It is hard work and tiring but Kirsty is always cheerful and encouraging and each time makes the tasks achievable. At last someone understands what it's like for me and takes time to explain how my Stroke has affected me. Watch this space as I'm sure I will be posting a new testimonial when I am walking again.

Mr J L, Midsomer Norton