SaeboStim Micro Trial

SaeboStim Micro Bristol
Posted 08/10/19

The SaeboStim Micro is a new product, which delivers low-level electrical stimulation to the arm and hand. This can help improve awareness of the affected limb, increase muscle activity, improve function and reduce spasticity.

We currently have a SaeboStim Micro on trial so if anyone is keen to know more about it or to set up an appointment to try it out then do get in touch with us at


To find out more about the SaeboStim Micro then check out the link:

Some kind words

I would just like to let everyone know how happy I am since starting treatment at Bristol Neurophysio.  I have noticed a great beneficial change to my condition, ataxia.  It's been such a relief for me to find someone who understands my condition and is able to set up a programme suitable for my abilities.  Kirsty is always upbeat and cheerful and is always a great help.  I come away from my sessions feeling so much better and able to get on with my life!

Mrs P D, Chippenham