Coronavirus update

Posted 19/03/20

We are continuing to keep a close eye on the latest updates from the Government, NHS and Public Health England, as well as our individual governing bodies.

At present we are risk-assessing whether we continue providing face-to-face contact to clients on an individualised basis and discussing it closely with them and their family and carers as appropriate. For some of our clients we recognise that stopping hands-on therapy may increase their risk of a hospital admission therefore we will continue to offer a service to this group for as long as possible, taking all necessary precautions as we do so to minimise the risk of infection to both clients and staff.

For other clients (existing and new) we will be providing telephone and video consultations as needed so please do get in touch if this is something you are interested in.

Some of our therapists will be joining frontline staff in the NHS to do what they can to help during this difficult time and this will naturally impact on our capacity as a team so please do bear with us.

We hope that you all stay well and please do let us know if we can help in any way.

All the very best to you and your loved ones,

Kirsty and the Bristol Neurophysio Team.

Some kind words

Our daughter’s renal failure means that she is delayed with standing and walking at 2 and half years of age. We first started seeing Jules a few months back for an intense block of physiotherapy to build the strength and skills needed for her to eventually stand and walk.  It was really important that the physiotherapist specialised in paediatrics and could work alongside the NHS physiotherapists we also see. Jules immediately put us at ease with her friendly and professional approach and has built a good, trusting relationship with our daughter.  She uses play as a way to get our daughter to engage with the therapy.  Our daughter has really enjoyed all her physio sessions to date and we have seen a notable improvement in her movement.  She has begun to pull herself up and can climb up small steps as well as shuffle down stairs in a controlled manner!

Ms S, Bristol