Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapists work with people to optimise function and improve their activities of daily living.  They can also provide specialist support for problems relating to memory, cognition, planning, problem-solving and fatigue.

They also consider  the impact of an injury or disability on a person's ability to fulfil their roles and daily routines. They are able to suggest ways to help people physically and psychologically adjust to any changes.

Our Occupational Therapists at Bristol Neurophysio are highly-specialised in working with clients with neurological conditions.

As part of their input they carry out detailed assessments and work closely alongside our other therapists in the team to deliver client-centred, goal-focused rehabilitation to our clients.

They also have extensive experience of working with case managers and solicitors with clients following catastrophic injury and are able to provide detailed, specialist medico-legal reports when required.

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Some kind words

I have been using Bristol neurophysio for 7 years now since suffering a spinal injury resulting in tetraplegia & spending 4 years in hospital & then a care home before I was able to return home.  During my time back with Kirsty & her team's help I have been able to keep up a solid regime helping keep my tone down & strength up.  With their help I’ve been able to pursue an active lifestyle.

Mr G W, North Somerset